Paula has a Ventilatory Defect

And this has implications for how her body handles endogenous C02. Cellular metabolism utilizes oxygen to break down food [glucose] and results in a continual production of endogenous carbon dioxide, water and energy [heat]. The motor act of breathing brings in fresh air [oxygen] and removes excess carbon dioxide. Paula has a hidden difficulty with the motor act of breathing.

Yet, Paula is a fit and healthy person with an above average intellect and a great family and career.

What is the function of endogenous carbon dioxide? I don’t think that anyone has thought about it much but I think that it is a part of the biochemistry and biomechanics that fuel thought and intellect in human beings. I think that endogenous carbon dioxide, water and energy [heat] have important functions in the right proportions.

Endogenous C02 is a cerebral vasodilator and is needed to help blood flow to brain tissues. It is a necessary part of circulation of blood.

Too much or too little results in mental confusion. Just enough is needed for cognitive stability.

So consciousness and cognition are a result of exchange of respiratory gases and this requires not only healthy lungs, but also normal muscular strength and normal respiratory reflexes and responses to rising endogenous C02 which occurs due to cellular metabolism and being alive.

Paula’s ventilatory reflexes and responses have been damaged, most likely at birth.

I do not think that anyone has given much thought to her motor ability to breathe.

to be continued.


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