People with sleep apnea were sent to psychiatrists for psychotherapy [before 1965]

Think about it. Not so long ago people complaining of symptoms such as daytime fatigue, poor energy level and motivation, poor concentration and cognitive function, decreased libido, and frequent nighttime awakenings were sent to psychiatrists for treatment. No one knew any better then.

Probably, the most important advance in the history of sleep medicine was the discovery of sleep apnea in 1965. Ann Saudi Med. 2011 Jan-Feb; 31(1): 1–2. doi: 10.4103/0256-4947.75770PMCID: PMC3101717PMID: 21245591 Ahmad Bahammam Obstructive Sleep Apnea: From Simple Upper Airway Obstruction to Systemic Inflammation

How many more other underlying hidden physical illnesses we have not yet discovered will be wrongly treated by psychiatry, as happened with sleep apnea, tertiary syphyllis, Parkinson’s, and other diseases.

to be continued……


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