What Happens to the Paula-Kraepelin Phenotype, When Exposed to Black Mold ?

Exposure to mould will affect different people in different ways, I think, depending on their respiratory reserve. Paula has limited reserve and is more sensitive to noxious substances. Paula found out that she was very sensitive to mould.

I was with Paula when it happened. A wild rain storm caused the roof over Paula’s bedroom to leak black water. The leak unmasked the old in the attic. She had been fine. Her family was fine.

A few days later, Paula was the only one to suffer any effects. And what were the effects? Her heart began to fail. All the classic [behavioral nonspecific] signs were present. She had to sleep sitting up. If she tried to lie down her heart rate became erratic and was too unpleasant to ignore. She was a little woozy. These were serious signs that her heart was not working well.

The doctor was immediately alarmed at the sounds coming from her heart [especially when lying down] and sent her for an emergency test as soon as possible. While waiting for her emergency test, Paula had someone remove the mould in the attic and had the leak sealed.

It took 5 days to get the emergency test. Paula recovered when the mould was removed, the symptoms disappeared. Paula’s test showed a strong, healthy heart- no permanent damage from the exposure. All her symptoms from the mould disappeared with the mould. The mould episode had been an extraordinary spontaneous experiment. Thankfully, it ended well for Paula.

Paula’s doctor was puzzled. Paula understood that she was more sensitive to exposure to black mould than others.. Paula explained it to the puzzle doctor.


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