How can long periods of “Insanity” be reversible ?

Dr Emile Kraepelin, in his first chapter defining attacks of Manic Depressive Insanity, suggested that, based on his studies, attacks of bipolar illness [or manic depressive insanity] mostly did not result in permanent loss of mind or dementia, no matter how long attacks lasted.

Spontaneous recovery and return of normal mental status invariably occurred, even after months, years or decades of psychomotor retardation or depression or psychomotor excitement, [this was in the days before any treatments existed].

Paula recovered after 18 months of altered mental status and psychomotor retardation. Paxil, an S.S.R.I. helped her recover and took 10 or so years to completely bring back her full cognitive abilities.

How can this be explained? And is the explanation the key to a better treatment?

This is a really cool concept. An altered locomotor and mental state that is potentially reversible for years without permanent damage to the brain occurring. This suggests REAL opportunities for successful treatments once we have a clearer understanding of what is making the brain dysfunctional.

There are clues. These clues are to be found in the patient’s birth and paediatric history and the vital signs, especially those pertaining to pH and especially to metabolic products formed by the cell such as carbon dioxide in the blood and tissues and cells. Kraepelin findings of depressed breathing and irregular breathing in thousands of unmedicated patients [Kraepelin], in the different states of depressive and manic states respectively, suggest important findings that must be explored further.

And our finding regarding Paula’s depressed ventilation echoes Kraepelin’s work, over one hundred years later.

These trends point to mechanisms we know little about to maintain life [if not mind] despite mechanical problems with moving air in and out of the body with vulnerable nerve fibres and voluntary [involuntary] skeletal muscle.

to be continued…..


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