What is Life? What is Thought?

How can the events in time and space which takes place within the spatial boundary of a living organism be accounted by physics and chemistry? The preliminary answer…can be summarized as follows: The obvious inability of present day physics and chemistry to account for such events is no reason at all for doubting that they can be accounted for by those sciences. Erwin Shrodinger. What is Life 1944. To

I think this Dr Shrodinger’s observation is as true as it was back when he wrote it. We still cannot explain the complex workings of life but we know it must involve chemistry and physics. And the complex workings of Mind must also involve chemistry and physics, somehow.

All living creatures breath air and all cells respire. This is the source of life and must also be the source of mind. Air, gases, diffusion, pressure, temperature, fluids, blood, circulation, capillaries, these explain life, these explain mind, these are endlessly fascinating, these involve chemistry and physics, at a macro and at a micro-level.

Biological thermodynamics is the quantitative study of the energy transductions that occur in or between living organisms, structures, and cells and of the nature and function of the chemical processes underlying these transductions.
Wikipedia 2021

Energy transduction is one of the most fascinating areas of metabolism. The term transduction refers to the conversion of one form of energy into another, such as the use of light energy to generate ATP from ADP in the chloroplast of plants. It ultimately will explain how gases, liquids, ions and metabolites transform into thinking and consciousness and warm blooded heat of life itself.
Mechanisms of Energy Transduction, David T Dennis.

Energy transductions happen in Biological Systems, for example, Photosynthesis and Respiration are the two processes by which living things 1) collect and store energy and 2) release that stored energy to do work. energy Transduction, Photosynthesis and Respiration,

However, this type of research is difficult because the reactions involved are complex and usually require an organized structure. It must be investigated in the intact structure, not in a Petrie dish.

Biological thermodynamics is what is needed to figure out the nature of consciousness and the existence of mind in living beings. biological thermodynamics may address the question of whether the benefit associated with any particular phenotypic trait is worth the energy investment it requires. I’d say that given the scientific and medical and technological advances of the past century, that the development of mind and thought and memory is definitely worth the energy investment that is needed to sustain mind , if possible, throughout one’s life.

Biological thermodynamics applied to biochemistry and biophysics is hard, it allows experimental predictions using calculus and and chemistry and physics and is utterly fascinating.

Cell signalling transduction of energy is cool and complicated.

to be continued……….


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