**If you have a hidden respiratory defect

and you cannot modulate your breathing rate in response to rising PCO2 in the blood [without hypoxia if lung function is normal], then you will eventually have a clinical condition called respiratory acidosis.

I think that this what Paula had. This condition put her in an internally unpleasant unusual semi-stuporous state. Externally, she looked depressed but internally she was distressed, and thought, memory, speech and locomotor activity were inhibited. Her digestive and excretory systems were also inhibited; she did not experience hunger or thirst and was disinclined to eat, she did not pee much or poo much. Her heart showed signs of difficulty functioning as well. Her blood pressure was high.

She responded to simple commands with mostly stereotypic answers. The distress kept her awake and alert to simple stimuli. Her higher functions were inhibited and she had trouble understanding what she read, the meaning behind people’s words and lost her social skills.

If this indeed respiratory acidosis, it is a very abnormal and very distressing state. .

to be continued….


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