** Mind, Brain and Hyperaemia

Hyperemia describes an excess of blood in the blood vessels in a specific part of the body. It comes from the Greek words hupér, meaning over, and haîma, meaning blood https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319416 What to know about hyperemia

In the last blogpost I talked about hyperaemia to the skeletal muscles when a person exercises or is in “fight or flight” mode.

Control of blood to the brain is a little different than control of blood to the skeletal muscles or most of the other systems of the body [the skin, the digestive system etc..] because the brain is encased in bone and cannot be allowed to swell like the skin, for example.

The system which controls vasodilation and vasoconstriction of the vessels that carry blood, let us take the arteries as our example, is complex, …….to be continued as I think this out further.

Hint: higher levels of carbon dioxide in the blood acts as a vasodilatory to the cerebral arteries. Acute cerebral vasodilation with each breath will cause increased blood flow to the brain, which is good to a certain point…until it is not so good and somewhat bad and bad and then …..

to be continued…..


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