** The Invisible Causes of Mental Illness and Mood Disorders and more…..

We have all forgotten that the injuries [physical injuries] that we accumulate from out birth to our death will have an impact physically on the diseases and the syndromes we develop as we age…and can show up at any age.

This is the reason all of us, including doctors, are failing to find and to treat acute syndromes which become chronic and debilitating, including so called neuropsychiatric serious illness like schizophrenia, autism, and bipolar illness with cognitive impairment.

We have all been asleep; we have all been simplistic. we have all been ignorant of what we are least aware of: the functioning of the human body throughout the lifespan and the injuries [again physical injuries] incurred.

All of us have had injuries, some of which will affect our function and our behaviour, and many of which can be improved by supportive medical treatments.

I will return to all the patients I have mentioned [including Paula of course] and how their overall function could have been improved by looking at their vital signs as well as getting a history of all the physical injuries they have had. You will get our point more easily if we show you how we helped them, as we discovered what physical problems they had and the injuries the vital signs pointed to. Respiratory rate at rest is especially key because it relates to control of PCO2 and pH and PO2 of the blood, as well as control of blood pressure, thermoregulation and the circulatory system, and , it seems long-lasting mood and locomotor effects also.

To be continued….It is really interesting….and pretty horrible for the patients who are suffering from invisible unknown unlooked for effects previous injury [physical injury] while wallowing in psychiatric wards learning basketweaving or getting medications which worsen one’s physiology [like making the patient diabetic or obese or causing kidneys to be overwhelmed and damaged.]

This needs to change. We need to become smarter, all of us. We need to check out the invisible starting with basic emergency first aid, using the ABCD protocols.

to be continued….


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