Are some neuro-psychiatric conditions undiagnosed neuromuscular injuries, chronically affecting control of pH of the blood?

We [Paula and I] think that we have provided enough evidence to suggest that this is an important possibility. Getting an evaluation of minute ventilation in all neuropsychiatric patients with mood and cognitive changes is an easy way to avoid misdiagnosis of these patients.

Any doctor can count baseline respiratory rate at rest with the help of a stopwatch. If respiratory rate at rest is too low or too high then a test to obtain tidal volume should be ordered. Minute ventilation is Respiratory Rate times tidal volume. If the result is not 6-8 Litres than this suggests a problem which will affect pH of the blood and further investigations and thought are needed.

Physiologic conditions and injuries unknown to the patient can be difficult to diagnose unless you know what to look for. Physiologic conditions are general conditions that can affect any person, after any physical trauma, at any age, and can have effects under difficult physical conditions.

To Be Continued…….


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