Chronic, Long-lasting “Stress Responses” suggest unseen injuries to the body, impeding normal exchange of air.

to be continued.

During hypercapnia, mood- becomes abnormal. Sustained panic and anguish is a form of dyspnea which is internal and not visible, just as its source is internal [PCO2] and not visible. Internal suffocation, however, is unpleasant beyond anything you can imagine. Just ask Paula. Read the blogposts where she tells you what it is like. Kraepelin transcribed what his patients told him as well. They described how unbearable this anguish was. There are no words!

To be continued…………

And the autonomic nervous system chooses behaviour that favours life over mind; with limited air- it seems that it is difficult to have both.

It seems that the amount and the rate of air, flowing in and out of the body, is intimately related to MIND and to loss of mind. It seems obvious, so obvious as to be overlooked. And this has been overlooked. Respiratory gases in air are important to the burning of fuel in the body and to the production of mind. If you stop breathing, you will stop thinking….and you will die. If you breath less and less air reaches the cells of the lungs, you may become stoned without knowing what is happening. Depending on the mixture of air inside your cells, this be a very unpleasant and distressing way to be; the regularity of your broken breathing will create sensations and emotions that are completely inaccessible to language because they are abnormal, not part of the normal range. Chronic unpleasant arousal creating chronic anguish, distress and fear are not responses to outside stimuli or psychological stimuli. Chronic unpleasant arousal is a sign that homeostasis is not being restored, because the system is broken. Breathing cannot be raised when breathing is insufficient and Carbon Dioxide [a normal product of cell metabolism] is rising and hypercapnic respiratory failure [from too slow breathing] is the [invisible] source of the chronic unpleasant arousal and sensations. Euphoria is not a normal emotion, not really-it is simply an expression of extreme fleeting joy. Euphoria, chronic pleasant and intoxicated arousal is just that; a sign of intoxication, one that is internally generated. Intoxication and euphoria and senslessness caused by difficulty controlling PCO2 in the blood, as indicated by the too fast breathing with apneas and pattern of the other vital signs.

To Be Continued


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