Hypercapnia Regulates Gene Expression and Tissue Function

Wow! Researchers finds that Hypercapnia Regulates Gene Expression and Tissue Function, Front Physiol. 2020; Wow! They say and I quote…..“Cells, tissues and organisms possess a complex transcriptional program that selectively promotes certain genes while simultaneously attenuating translational activity in response to elevated CO2 levels (Figure 2). It has become evident that some of the hypercapnia-responsive genes, particularly involved in innate immune system and Wnt pathways, is evolutionarily conserved in different cell types, tissues and species. The changes in gene expression during hypercapnia appear to be mostly maladaptive in the lung, skeletal muscle and innate immune functions, which likely underlies the negative effects of elevated CO2 in patients with lung diseases. Our understanding of the transcriptional regulatory role of hypercapnia in organisms is still limited, but much research is being conducted in order to identify molecular CO2 sensing and downstream effects. Additional research is warranted to identify transcriptional regulators and how these regulators interact in physiological and pathophysiological contexts in hypercapnia.”    Hypercapnia Regulates Gene Expression and Tissue Function, Front Physiol. 2020; 11: 598122. Masahiko ShigemuraLynn C. Welch, and  Jacob I. Sznajder*

Wow! This applies DIRECTLY to Paula and potentially explains how she is doing so well on 1.5 L of air per minute, instead of the normal 6-8 L that is assumed to be necessary. To be continued. …………



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