Reaching one’s skeletal maximal adult size plus hormonal changes during and after puberty, change the Respiratory Rate

The average breathing rate of a child changes as they grow.

Infants [birth to 1 year] RR are 30-60 per minute, Toddlers [1-3 years] RR are 24-40 per minute, Preschooler [3-6 years] RR are 22-34 per minute, School Age [6-12] RR are 18-30 and Adolescents [12-18] and the same throughout adulthood.

Why does breathing rate decrease with skeletal hormonal and reproductive maturity? Does anyone know? Has anyone studied this? Do these hormonal changes make moving air in and out of the body easier? Does getting bigger make it harder? Do changes to the organs of the neck, the torso and rib cage help or hinder?

I don’t know.

I am pretty sure that sometimes the ventilatory system doesn’t turn out to work as well as it should or as flexibly as it must, resulting in serious bipolar illness after adolescence. Bipolar disorder can present itself at any age, but typically, onset occurs around age 25.

to be continued/……


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