Does Baseline Respiratory Rate at Rest [awake] Drive Emotion ?

What a novel notion. We naturally assume that emotion is what drives respiratory rate and pattern but what if it is the opposite? With the rediscovery that the range of resting awake baseline breathing rate, is so wide, as we have discussed in previous posts, a number of unexplored questions come up.

I think that baseline respiratory rate and tidal volume [minute ventilation] is what what contributes to emotion and to personality, not the other way around.. I think that this explains why some of us are so anxious or excitable or hyperactive or irritable or easily angered.

This has never been studied before because scientists and doctors have made a lot of incorrect assumptions. They assumed that adults who not show respiratory distress, breathe at around 12 breaths per minute at rest. This is not necessarily true.

…too be continued…..


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