Energy, Consciousness, the brain stem and Respiratory Rate [at rest]

To be continued………as we under this line of thinking with Professor Pepperell’s help……

” Energy is fundamentally important in all physical processes (Lotka, 1922Schrödinger, 1944Heisenberg, 1958Boltzmann, 1886). As the biophysicist Harold Morowitz (1979) put it: “the flow of energy through a system acts to organize that system.” Light, chemical reactions, electricity, mechanical work, heat, and life itself can all be described in terms of energetic activity (Chaisson, 2001Morowitz and Smith, 2007Smil, 2008) as can metabolic processes in the body and brain (Magistretti, 2008Perez Velazquez, 2009). It is surprising, therefore, that energy receives relatively little attention in neuroscientific and psychological studies of consciousness.” HYPOTHESIS AND THEORY ARTICLE Front. Psychol., 01 November 2018 | Consciousness as a Physical Process Caused by the Organization of Energy in the Brain. R. Pepperell


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