Paula has a genetic or acquired malfunction

You know how we found out? By measuring Paula’s vital signs in a first aid class for ordinary people who wished to learn basic first aid. That is how.

Kraepelin believed the chief origin of psychiatric disease to be biological and genetic malfunction. You know how Kraepelin found out? By measuring the vital signs of thousands of patients and discovering that thousands had depressed breathing rates at rest. And these patients with depressed breathing rates complained of huge anguish and huge distress. And sometimes they suddenly became euphoric. or irritable. or combative. or frankly delirious. as their breathing rate moved for too slow to too fast and chaotic! Duh! [sorry, every now and then we go on rants…it is so frustrating and so many patients need proper physiologically-oriented supportive medical care!

You know why modern doctors don’t have a clue about many neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions ? Because modern doctors arrogantly and stubbornly REFUSE to consider basic physiology and damage based on physical trauma and mutation and/or wear and tear due to aging [wear and tear can happen at any age]. Modern doctors, including psychiatrists and neurologists and family doctors..REFUSE to measure her vital signs because, I suppose, they think it’s beneath them to measure what any person with first aid training can learn to measure with minimal tools. I cannot figure it out. Basic vital signs can tell you when there has been injury to the autonomic nervous system that is not obvious to the patient or to the doctor. It is basic physiology! i don’t get it.

And when Paula and I told these modern doctors about Paula’s vital signs and decreased basic at rest respiratory rate they insisted she must be dead or dying, despite her PERFERCT routine blood test and sprirometry [lung function] tests. ……..Despite my daily coffee discussions with her [now on Zoom]……….Despite her hobby of cross country skiing every winter……..Despite her happy mood…………For the past twenty years!

Are these doctors out of their minds? lazy? or simply frightened by what they cannot explain….yet!

to be continued…must have lunch…


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