Why are we telling you this?

We are concerned that bipolar patients are not getting the correct treatments. We are worried that they suffer what Paula did, with no end in sight. We are worried that these young adults will have ruined lives, like some we have described in this blog. And I will not be there to help save them.

We are concerned that no scientist or doctor we have talked to seems interested in the possibility of saving these young people from a horrible fate and loss of their dreams.

Why not? Maybe because they are more concerned about their pet theories and their careers to save these patients from a fate truly worse than death….a ruined life….full of anguish…or dysphoria or euphoria and worse.

I have spoken to many many scientists and many many neurologists and many many psychiatrists.

Why won’t they test Kraepelin’s hypothesis and see if they can save these youngster…our children, our siblings, our husbands, our wives., our mothers, our fathers. https://archive.org/details/manicdepressivei00kraeuoft, 1921Topics Psychiatry — Early works to 1900Manic-depressive illnessParanoiaPublisher Edinburgh : LivingstoneCollection gersteintorontomedicalheritagelibraryuniversity_of_torontoDigitizing sponsor MSNContributor Gerstein – University of TorontoLanguage English……

WHY NOT !!!!!

I truly don’t know.


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