Further Research is Needed

in order to explain the neurobiology underlying the motor act of breathing. Understanding the lungs is not enough. We need to learn how much air needs to be exchanged in order to be alive and in order to thrive. There are a lot of scientific puzzles that need further research. I just read in the New York Times that scientists do not understand silk produced by spiders ……..

From The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/04/science/spider-silk-web-self-assembly.html?smid=em-share

Spider Silk Is Stronger Than Steel. It Also Assembles Itself.

Scientists are figuring out the chemical triggers that turn the liquid stored in silk glands into a solid that’s tougher than Kevlar.

and scientists still do not understand sand ………

What Makes Sand Soft?

What is the softest sand in the world? Why is some sand softer than others?

— Peter S., Brooklyn, N.Y.

We don’t know. No one understands how sand works.

That may sound absurd, but it’s sort of true. Understanding the flow of granular materials like sand is a major unsolved problem in physics.

Understanding how grains flow is vital for everything from landslide prediction to agricultural processing, and scientists aren’t very good at it.

There are lots of amazing things we are still struggling to understand. Like the puzzle of Paula and her lack of breathing and her good health with lack of breathing. Exchanging only 1.5 L of air at rest when awake seems un-natural and impossible. To date we always assumed 6-8 L. We never tested to see if this was true for everyone. And because we never measured breathing frequency along with lung function, we have never known that people could exist in this manner. Neurology and the autonomic nervous system is endlessly fascinating and Paula and others like her are a scientific puzzle, like silk or sand and others we may not even yet discovered.

to be continued……..


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