Hypercapnia and Bipolar Illness

Volume % in air [what about PCO2?].. are these additive?
Main symptoms of Carbon dioxide toxicity

– Drowsiness -1%
– Mild narcosis  -3%
– Dizziness  -5%
Confusion -5%  
– Headache  -5%
– Unconsciousness  -8%

– Tremor  -8%

– Sweating  -8%

– Dimmed  -8%

– Reduced  -3%

– Increased 
heart rate  -3%
and blood  -3%

Respiratory -5%
– Shortness 
of breath 

Volume % 
in air 

– 1%
– 3%
– 5%
– 8%
 Toxicity of Carbon Dioxide Gas Exposure, CO2 Poisoning Symptoms, Carbon Dioxide Exposure Limits, and Links to Toxic Gas Testing Procedures By Daniel Friedman – InspectAPedia
^ Davidson, Clive. 7 February 2003. “Marine Notice: Carbon Dioxide: Health Hazard”. Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Kraepelin found defective breathing rates in thousands of his manic depressive patients. https://archive.org/details/manicdepressivei00kraeuoft, 1921Topics Psychiatry — Early works to 1900Manic-depressive illnessParanoiaPublisher Edinburgh : LivingstoneCollection gersteintorontomedicalheritagelibraryuniversity_of_torontoDigitizing sponsor MSNContributor Gerstein – University of TorontoLanguage English

We think that these patients could not exchange enough air to control PCO2.

to be continued…..

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