Dr Emile Kraepelin found the same ventilatory dysfunction

Dr Emile Kraepelin found the same ventilatory dysfunction that we discovered, in thousands of his seriously ill manic depressive patients. https://archive.org/details/manicdepressivei00kraeuoft, 1921Topics Psychiatry — Early works to 1900Manic-depressive illnessParanoiaPublisher Edinburgh : LivingstoneCollection gersteintorontomedicalheritagelibraryuniversity_of_torontoDigitizing sponsor MSNContributor Gerstein – University of TorontoLanguage English

This explains how he knew that they had a metabolic problem not a psychological problem. Paula has the same ventilatory defect. And we have treatments for this when and if it leads to a state of hypercapnia. In the 21st century we can check for this silent defect and we can treat it with supportive medical treatments and other treatments we have yet to discover.

This hypothesis is easy to test by counting respiratory rates in first episode psychiatric patients and getting their tidal volumes to see how much air they exchange per minute and to see if this meets their metabolic needs.

Paula meets her metabolic needs with the help of a serotonin agonist, even though her breathing rate is still 3 breaths per minute.

This is miraculous and needs to be studied. Imagine how many seriously ill psychiatric patients we may be able to cure!!! We can cure them of their depression, anguish, CO2 narcosis and CO2 intoxication effects, and their combativeness, irritability and mania!!!

It only requires us to see if they have this silent ventilatory defect. We simply need to lend a hand to the body and brain to help meet metabolic needs during the times when the brain needs this help.

Paula has a ventilatory defect. It is not the end of the world. [but it nearly was]. Paula and I saved her despite her doctors. We found what worked to bring back her working memory and stabilize her working memory. We found the medicine that removed the anguish .

We are able to write this blog to tell you about our findings. And Dr Kraepelin’s findings.

Thank you so much Dr Kraepelin for your dedication to science and to measurement and to your decades long work on behalf of patients.

Paula has this defect. And it doesn’t have to matter. It may even be advantageous.

Like I said, Paula and I even think that a little CO2 retention [but not too much] makes human beings smarter. Did I mention that Paula is very smart?

….to be continued…


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