Mania; explained by Kraepelin

Too fast and chaotic breathing accompanied by too fast, too chaotic and increase in locomotor activity [in response to a stimulus]. That is what Kraepelin found in his studies done over a century ago. And well done, carefully done. Kraepelin was convinced that metabolic dysfunction was causing the altered mental status, altered locomotor activity and altered mood.

Unlooked for and unseen switch from too slow breathing to too fast, chaotic breathing accompanies mania. The working hypothesis is that the PCO2 of the blood is affected during these attacks. Abnormal PCO2 of the blood affects neurons; The switch to mania involves chaotic fast paced thinking, chaotic periods of frenzied eating, and frenzied locomotor activity in response to stimulation [eg. responding to other people].

Again, it seems that locomotor activity is linked to too fast voluntary muscle activity of the respiratory pump muscles.

Is this a different stage of the physiological reaction to gradual asphyxiation of respiratory pump muscle failure? Frenzied eating provides energy, Energy restores locomotor responses but not in a normal way. Mind remains abnormal and frenzied, thoughts flitting by too fast.

Or is this worsening hypercapnia?

Paula and I think that pulse oximetry is normal during both mania and depressive insanity-this obviously need more study. The O2 of the blood and PCO2 of the blood are 2 different things, maybe the pulse oximeter cannot pick up the changes to the blood? Body temperature increases due to the increase muscular activity. Is the core of the body too hot?

Interestingly , during mania, there are sporadic episodes of the heart failing [with the heart rate falling way below normal….at rest.] Is that the reason for the increase locomotor activity? To keep the heart pumping? . Why euphoria? Irritability, competitiveness this we understand but euphoria? without recreational drugs? Really? Unless this too is part of the physiological response to gradual endogenous poisoning or asphyxiation from progressing respiratory pump muscle failure..

Please read my earlier blogs to find out how we have reached this point in our reasoning about mind and loss of mind.

And what does the activity and speed of voluntary muscle have to do with the activity and speed of thought?

This is still too complicated for Paula and me.


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