Consciousness and Thought takes Energy

What is energy in biology? It is complicated in the details. It is simple as a concept.

Air and Food= Energy, Heat, and Life [in humans as opposed to…say..plants.

Enough air and food to run most but not all biological systems is what depressive insanity is; and one of the systems that gets turned down is the cognitive system. The cognitive system is turned down much like running down the volume level of a radio without turning the radio completely off. This save energy and results in reductions in motor activity as well, which saves even more energy. BUT, it is very unpleasant and makes no sense to anyone except as a measure to save energy for as long as possible until repairs can be made.

Have you ever tried to save energy? It is not much fun, even on a macro level. Imagine not using as much water, reducing food intake, and staying still as much as possible. Now imagine that you don’t even know why you must do these things? It is very distressing just on the face of it!

Now imagine your body having to save energy …..because your breathing rate is too slow….yet not slow enough to kill you. Imagine that you are young enough and fit enough and well fed enough and healthy enough to last a long time while saving energy as long as is needed to get back to normal levels.

Now you might be getting the idea of what is like to temporarily have the volume of your mind and movements reduced in order to save energy. It feels very bad. It feels even worse because you do not know that this is what your body is doing, MUST DO- if you are to regain your health.

This is what happened to Paula.

This is what happened to Kraepelin’s patients, thousands of them.

A crisis of energy…biological energy….not enough air exchange for full operation of the space ship. Being on the automatic pilot program initiated by the space ships sensors and not being told what is happening.

It is awful if it happens to you. It is worse if no one gives life supportive care to alleviate the distress.

Life requires Energy to work at maximal power and productivity and to reach one’s potential.

Energy. It is complicated yet simple and basic.


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