Wait! What Does This Blog Have to do With Mind or Loss of Mind – Remind Me.

This Blog is in progress [I don’t know how to save my drafts in WORDPRESS…lol.

I think that bipolar illness, especially severe attacks of bipolar depression are attacks of worsening ventilatory [muscle] pump failure causing a particular chronic syndrome of quiet delirium or altered mental status that looks exactly like bipolar depression from appearances.. So our hypothesis and that of Dr Emile Kraepelin [based on monitoring respiratory rates during this syndrome] is that bipolar depression is a syndrome of respiratory muscle pump failure causing hypercapnia and altered mental status with major distress,, [abnormal PCO2 only, not necessarily affecting O2 yet or HCO3]. And yes, ICU doctors and anesthesiologists say this happens [abnormal PCO2 only, not necessarily affecting O2 yet or HCO3] and they should know.


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