Carbon Dioxide Stops Seizures

Carbon dioxide makes the brain more acidic, and it has been known for decades that this stopes seizures. Wow! Could people who get seizures have acquired or congenital breathing rate abnormalities that heighten the risk for Hypocapnia or reduced PCO2 in the blood.

Brain Pathway That Shuts Down Seizures Identified

June 10, 2008S University of Iowa

Summary : Researchers have uncovered a brain pathway that shuts down seizures. They found that an acid-activated ion channel in the brain reacts to a drop in pH (increased acid) in a way that shuts down seizure activity. The link between low pH in the brain and seizure termination was first hinted at nearly 80 years ago when clinical experiments showed that breathing carbon dioxide, which makes brain tissue more acidic, helps stop epileptic seizures.


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Symptoms include tingling sensation (usually in the limbs), abnormal heartbeat, painful muscle cramps, and seizures. Acute hypocapnia causes hypocapnic alkalosis, which causes cerebral vasoconstriction leading to cerebral hypoxia, and this can cause transient dizziness, fainting, and anxiety
Hypocapnia – Wikipedia

So Cool !!!!!! Maybe this information will cue scientists to come up with better treatments….


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