Accept nothing on authority, but put every scientific theory to the severest test…The Scientific Method, Prof. Carl Ludwig; Experimental Medicine.

This is especially true when it comes to psychiatric practice and theory. And I assure you that Psychiatric theory and practice is a throwback to the bad old days of North American medicine, full of loose thinking and half truths.

So sad for patients with severe mental illness. Such a waste of their lives. And there is no reason for this. Since Darwin developed a new kind of scientific endeavour there have beeb endless wasted opportunities to discover what physiological injuries are complicating production of Mind by the brain AND mamgement of carbon dioxide in the blood [PCO2].

There are significant and easy ways to measure patterns of vital signs and patterns of sensory impairment to study and possible cure young adults of at least one the common severe and debilitating mental illness. But that would take measurement using sophisticated medical tools common to the practice of first aid, complex tools like a stop watch, counting and taking one full minute to count respirations and no psychiatrist will be willing to do this. Its much more fun to only look at behaviour [a nonspecific symptom] and to speculate what one cannot possibly begin to understand without having experienced lose your mind, which then puts you in the position of losing the very faculty that can link this to problems in physiology and hidden injury to anatomy….leaving you helpless, dependant and in the hands of doctors who give absolutely no importance to biology , scientific observation , hypothesis,based on scientific observation and replication of results even if such a scientific enterprise overturns everything that you believed in, which has been proven false and simpleminded by the very science that is practiced by real scientist…..and this definition does not include psychiatrists or their treatments today!

Please read this blog to read about real scientists, their very disturbing results and the modern 21st century treatments NOT given to people with serious mental illness because of the inability to see or to want to see insidious organ failure [involving, in this case hypercapnia, a normal product of metabolism], because even though we can now give supportive medical rehabilitative treatment, we [meaning psychiatry] are too chicken shit scared to measure minute volume. Please look up these terms Doc.’s…you did learn the in medical school before you neglectfully dismissed them. And if you have the courage to understand your terrible mistakes, please read this blog and wonder at the miraculous life of Paula, which is enough to make anyone HOPEFUL, and to make anyone wish to study this further….instead of chasing your tails.


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